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        Welcome to my website!
        I am Heather, a wedding videographer from nada. Let me make your big day memorable by pturing the romance, sights, sound, fun, and emotion on your most special day using high definition media.
        Who said it is impossible to have the best of each world? You n have your wedding’s highlights in a movie as well as a full-length wedding …

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        My Blog

        The Parkwood Estate Wedding

        This wedding remains unique. It is not every day you get a chance to pture two sisters sharing a wedding day. Well, I got lucky to pture Laura and Miranda’s wedding; then dence, her sister married Bill. The love, joy, and unity among the family were admirable.
        Their choice, Parkwood Estate Oshawa is a clear show of their taste. The estate has been featured in several movies for …

        The Sugar Beach (St. Lucia Destination Wedding)

        I’ve always heard of how Sugar Beach has a reputable and unbeatable landspe. Immediately after arrival, we were ushered to the reception area and offered a complimentary drink as we waited to be guided into our room.
        The butlers were at our service, which was quite encouraging. After a few minutes, we were directed to our room. I still lack…

        The Manor Wedding (Kettleby)

        What matters in life is the moment where we are filled with so much love that all we n do is stare into the eyes of our loved ones and wonder how we got that lucky. During the wedding of Diana and Graham, at Manor Wedding Kettleby, you could tell the love from how the two stared in each other’s eyes as they said their vows.
        Manor Wedding Kettleby depicted class, elegance, and style …

        The Upper Unionville (Golf Club) Wedding

        A wedding lasts a day, while a marriage lasts forever. Sometimes, a wedding day starts with a promising ray of sunshine, and then along the day, blessings trickle in the form of simple rain showers. That is what happened during the union of Jennifer and Dan at the Upper Unionville.

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